Auto Invest: your crypto investments on autopilot

Create your crypto investment plan in one click and maximize your performance with automated purchases and withdrawals.

Leveraging the power of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

Auto Invest uses Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), a popular strategy among investors to reduce your exposure to market volatility and improve your long-term performance. With DCA, you automatically purchase a fixed amount at regular intervals regardless of market fluctuations and no longer run the risk of timing the market.

The best investment plan.
Auto buy & Auto withdraw.

Your security is our top priority

Auto buys

No need to spend hours deciding when to buy anymore. Set up recurring orders weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and start with as little as 10€.

Auto withdrawals

Want to keep your crypto on your personal wallet? Enable automatic withdrawals and receive your crypto in your personal wallet after each investment.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Choose your favorite crypto or Bundle
    Select a crypto of your choice or diversify easily with a crypto Bundle.
  2. Set an amount and frequency
    Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? You decide. You can pause and edit it anytime.
  3. Sit back and watch your crypto grow
    Simply make sure you have enough balance to execute your Auto Invest, we take care of the rest.

Auto Invest + Bundles
Enjoy automated diversification

Don’t want to choose when to buy and what to buy? Set up your crypto investment plan with one of our crypto Bundles and enjoy the power of automated diversification in one click.

Auto Invest + Staking
Compound your crypto

Set up your Auto Invest and enable staking to enjoy the power of compounding interests with our market-leading staking APY.

Ready for easy and automated investments?

The crypto investment plan you will love

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